Digbeth, Birmingham

A neighbourhood of free spirits, creators and thinkers who fall squarely outside the mainstream. You’ll find things in Digbeth that you won’t find anywhere else.

Tanneries and blacksmiths may have given way to film production, gaming and creative agencies, but this is a place for industrious folk and it has been for centuries.

What's here

Food and drink

Digbeth is where good times and good food have well and truly taken root. Street food purveyors such as Baked in Brick and Hanbao through to the newly-crowned Michelin Young Chef of the Year, Kray Treadwell, all call Digbeth their home.

Shops and retail

If you’re looking for something a little different from the run of the mill high street shops, then Digbeth is the place. Unique antiques, curios, bespoke jewellery, skateboards, specs, sample sales, flea markets — it’s all here in Digbeth,

Innovative businesses

From start-ups to global super brands Digbeth is where great companies settle and thrive. We are a diverse, creative, enterprising community, home to freelancers, makers, agencies, startups and cultural venues. We provide events space, work space and playspace.

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Digbeth history

The industrial revolution brought unprecedented industriousness and invention to Birmingham. Digbeth, a place for manufacturing since the Middle Ages, was its engine.

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A dedicated team

An on-site team is looking after the regeneration, but they’re also looking after the day-to-day in Digbeth. That means a dedicated events team and on-the-ground support for the community in our buildings like The Bond, Fazeley Studios or The Custard Factory. The Digbeth Estate team is here to help.

Revitalisation of Digbeth

Since June 2017, Oval has been carefully revitalising parts of Digbeth, providing much-needed investment in the existing multi-tenanted buildings and investment into larger projects bringing derelict buildings back to life.

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